The Cannabis Complex - Episode Two


Episode Two is a look at how the Black Market paved the way for the legal market, and how the legal market is now transforming Canada.

There were two major reasons why Canada legalized cannabis.

Canadian consumers were already pouring huge amounts of money into an unregulated, and untaxable black market and more importantly, criminalizing cannabis clogged the judicial system and just did more social harm than good.

The creation of a commercial cannabis industry is already having positive economic effects across the country. While some Canadians are building massive cannabis companies like Aurora, which is cementing the country as the undisputed world leader in weed, others are seeing their once desperate towns being brought back to life.

With weed going mainstream, huge amounts of money are on the line. The Canadian pot market alone could be worth $7 billion in 2019, which is why companies are racing to capitalize on the green rush.

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