Canaryfiles – Director’s Cut

Documentary about the situation of Cannabis Social Clubs on the Canary Islands..
Production Agentur Sowjet GmbH The Canaryfiles
Producer Sebastian Schneider
Executive producer Emanuel Kotzian
Date 14-01-2015
Language German
Length 68 min

Evergreen: The road to lagalization

This documentary will serve as a case study for other states to see how Washington citizens have dealt with the complex politics behind marijuana prohibition. What are the local, federal and cultural implications of the first U.S. state voting to approve recreational marijuana possession by a 56 percent to 44 percent margin? How did Washington State get this pot reform law passed in the wake of the failure of Proposition 19 in California? Why are most medical marijuana patients, dispensaries and care providers strongly opposed to I-502?

EVERGREEN answers these questions while tracking the behind-the-scenes efforts of both campaigns – from initial grassroots fundraising efforts, to tense exchanges and conflict-filled campaign stops, to the historic vote by Washington citizens that effectively ended 75 years of cannabis prohibition policy and its future implications.

Producer Evergreen Film cover
Director Riley Morton, Nils Cowan
Date 6/6/2013
Language English
Length 86 min

American Drug War 2

Cannabis Destiny

You don’t have to be a pot smoker to appreciate this film. All you need is a desire to learn how the drug war isn’t in the best interests of the American people. Will American Drug War 2 lead to real changes? Most likely not. Politicians tend to stay away from independent documentaries, usually because they’re too busy with their hands down the pants of lobbyists. However, the film will lead to more discussion about Marijuana reform. Another step in the right direction.

Producer Sacred Cow Productions American Drug War 2
Director Kevin Booth
Date June 6, 2013
Language English
Length 90 minutes
American Drug War 2 official website
American Drug War: The Last White Hope
IMDb: American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny

The Future of Weed


Motherboard heads to Denver’s ground zero, home to a booming tech sector in what could be called the Silicon Valley of weed to explore the latest high-tech. They visit the key players scaling up this new green tech, wrap their heads around all the money to be made, crack open the confusing science of America’s No. 1 cash crop, and smoke dabs.
Producer Motherboard TV 68e6493354dd0bc6a5c075435381e136 d8df1df2605e9127d1ce851686cacfe4
Director Brian Anderson
Host Brian Anderson
Date 2013
Language English
Length 43 minutes
HIGH COUNTRY on Motherboard TV part 1
HIGH COUNTRY on Motherboard TV part 2

Canada’s War on Weed

With a reported value of over six billion dollars marijuana is big business in British Columbia, Canada. Due to the recent legalization of weed in Washington and Colorado, draconian crime laws were pushed forward by Canadian conservatives and due to recent changes to medical marijuana regulations, the entire industry is suddenly facing a new crisis. VICE Canada went to talk to the people directly affected by these changes, from the activists, large and small scale growers, to the illegal traffickers and law enforcement.
Producer Vice Media Canadas-War-on-Weed-266x150
Director Ryan Archibald
Writers Raf Katigbak, Ben Makuch
Date May 2, 2013
Language English
Length 40 minutes